Friday, May 10, 2013

A Question for Alice…

(Other transwomen can answer in the comments, if you like…)

Two part question: (1) What do you think of the following idea:
"The Trans-women's Triathlon"

• Contestants must be pre-HRT, begin presenting as male at the start of the contest, and -just like transition- a letter from a therapist certifying them as trans*.
• Contestants must not have ever had laser treatments/electrolysis, and must not have shaved any part of their body for 6 weeks. 

EVENT 1 - Shaving: (Different classes based on BHI -or Body Hair Index- and petite, average, and plus size.)
This event includes all body and facial/neck hair.
Points given for completeness and speed (pubic areas not required).
Points lost for nicks, missed patches, and losing balance/falling.

EVENT 2 - Makeup:
Points given for speed, overall femininity, and passability.
Bonus points for less makeup used to obtain goal.
Points lost for 5-o'clock shadow, errors (even if corrected) and use of any non-approved makeup.

EVENT 3 - Fashion: 
Points given for poise, ability to walk in heels color coordination, hair/wig style, accessories, overall femininity, style originality, and passability.
Points lost for stumbling/breaking a heel/lumbering, clashing colors, use of more than 2 padded items (no waist cinchers - breast forms considered padding.)

Gold: Fully paid Complete Transition (includes HRT for life), supervised by the best team of trans-friendly physicians.
Silver: Fully paid HRT for life, supervised by physician of choice.
Bronze: 2 years fully paid HRT,  supervised by physician of choice.

(2) Do you consider the above event to be misogynistic?


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